Celeste in Kelowna

Outdoor boudoir is something I’ve been requested to do on occasion.  I couldn’t make sense of it in my head and couldn’t figure out how to make the series of images make sense.  So when Celeste asked me to photograph her outside, I initially said no.  Then I got a challenge from a boudoir forum I’m involved in to submit an outdoor session. 

We tried to keep the theme of the session intimate by shooting in a garden.  I was so outside of my comfort zone without a bed and privacy and with an excess amount of light!   

The first image did end up receiving an award from the forum so I’m beyond stoked with the end result.  Also I made a new snowboarding friend haha so total win.  Check out the winning image on the forum, as well as the work of some incredibly talented boudoir photographers here: http://www.domorephotographers.com/images/ 

Lianne in Vernon

I had an idea for a boudoir shoot that I wanted to try out, and because Lianne and I had hung out a couple times, and got along really well, I asked her if she wanted to help me out with it.  She did (yay!) Recently I asked her why she said yes, what was it that made her interested in doing a boudoir session and she told me that she needed to remember that there is something special about her.  She was going through a period where she was feeling un-sexy and plain and she wanted to take the opportunity to show herself that she was capable of being sexy.  She also wanted to share them with her boyfriend.  

For our first shoot she wore makeup, stockings, lingerie, and styled her hair. I’ve got to know Lianne better over the past couple of months, and wanted this session to be just about her. She’s super chill, hilarious, and makeup free most of the time.  We were hanging out that afternoon and I said that instead of doing her hair and makeup why didn’t we just shoot her naturally in a couple different outfits, she was down.   This set is from our second shoot together which only lasted 45 minutes.  The images are so simple, but I find them so powerful.  Lianne is beyond sexy in them and I’m happy that she was able to have this gift for herself and her boyfriend. 

*Update* I’m so stoked that this session was featured on my favourite photography forum, Do More Photographers.  Check it out the blog feature here along with tons of other work from some amazing photographers. 

Do you like this un-done style of session?  Send me a message (click here now) and let me know why you’re thinking of booking your boudoir session! Follow along on Instagram or Facebook, or send me an email.  

Shannon in Kelowna

Shannon said that she was always curious about doing a boudoir session.  Once she contacted me about booking it seemed like she had already made her decision that she was going to do it, usually there’s a cooling off period when a client is deciding to book, but she fully committed from the start.  During the session, Shannon radiated self confidence.  I had so much fun working with her and we spent nearly two hours shooting.  I could tell she felt sexy.  It’s weird, I can answer all of a client’s questions, and give them all the prep information they need before a shoot, but it all comes down to if they believe they are sexy within themselves.  Recently, when I asked if she was ok with my blogging some images from the session, I asked why she wanted to book a boudoir session in the first place.  She told me that as a curvier girl, she wanted to show herself that she was just as pretty as the skinnier girls.  That floored me, and I understood, all at the same time.  As a woman, I totally get it.  Images of thin women are everywhere, it’s intimidating, and the idea that you’re not good enough because of the size of clothing you wear sets in.  As a photographer, I was floored because she didn’t show a hint of self-consciousness during the session. She just showed up and owned it, and not in a cocky way, just in a super chill way.  The size of clothes you wear doesn’t affect how your images will look as much as how you feel about yourself.  I looked back through my notes with Shannon, and found one quote where she said “We gotta try and be happy in the skin we’re in right?”  You’ve got it figured out :) Enjoy this set.

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