Erin in Vernon

We don’t want it to be too corny, we both blurted out before we started shooting this Halloween boudoir session.  Erin loves Halloween, and we’ve been talking about setting something up for nearly a year.  Halloween is her weak spot so when I suggested a themed session she was hooked.

This is as prop-ey as I’ll shoot for a boudoir session.  She wanted to wear fangs which are so.fucking.rad. I want to use them all the time. We also tied a shibari harness which was pretty effing cool too.  Let us know if it’s rad, or if its the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen ;)

*there is nudity in this post, if you don’t want to see it then don’t read the post lol*

I have a few more openings left this year.  Contact me now to book session! 

Brianne in Vernon

This was my second boudoir shoot with Brianne and I knew I was going to love it the second we started planning.  Bri was about to list her house for sale and wanted to do something intimate to have a unique way to remember the home that has seen her through her twenties.  Hello nostalgia I’m happy to be here :)  We shot for hours in literally every room of the house.  Follow her on instagram @breezylutz and you must check out her blog B is for Breezy she’s fucking funny. Word on the street is that she’s still looking for the right buyer for this super adorable place in Vernon, just sayin. :)

If you’d like to have an album before Christmas the last day to shoot is Nov 15 with product order deadline on Nov 28 (only a couple sessions left!).  

Give yourself a gift this Christmas! Tell me about your dream boudoir session!

Seleena in Calgary

I fucking love Calgary. It will always hold a little piece of my heart which sounds so fluffy, but it’s true. It’s the city where I spent my early twenties, where I first lived on my own, and where I met some lifelong friends.  I love to visit a few times each year so if you want a boudoir session in Calgary, send me a message and I’ll keep you in my travel plans.

Seleena was a dream to work with and I love how confident & beautiful the images turned out.

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is coming up.  Ask about booking your mini session on one of two dates in November.

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