C & G in Kelowna

So I’ve been prepping to post a “Best of 2016” blog because I love reminiscing and have so much love for what I’ve shot this year.  One of my highlights was shooting C & G’s couple session.  C had booked a session for herself and a couple weeks after she messaged me saying “you know, I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he would love to join in if that’s ok”.  So yeah! It’s the first couples boudoir I’ve ever done and it was a lot different than doing a one-on-one session.  It was cool because I’ve done a session with her before so she already knew what it was like to work with me.

Is a couple session something you can see doing with your partner? Let me know!

Kelowna Boudoir Session

2016 has been a great year for boudoir.  I’ve been reminiscing on my favourite sessions and this has to be one of them.  It was a quick 45 minutes in Kelowna and I’m keeping the public images anonymous at her request :)

We rented this studio it has a super industrial, bare bones vibe.  I would love to shoot here again if anyone sees their session like this :)

I’ve started taking bookings for January - Mar 2017.  If you want to lock in this year’s prices, book before the end of December!

Enjoy this set.

xx Jenna

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