Be a Muse

You’d love to experience what it feels like to be a muse, to be made into art. But that’s feels kind of narcissistic. You think, “I should wait until I have a reason…” or “When I have someone to give the photos to…” Fuck that. You are allowed to experience the feeling of being a muse. You are allowed to explore your sexuality, to find out a little about yourself. You don’t need to be ashamed, you don’t need to feel guilty. 

Recently, I was styling a session and felt stuck. It felt too “together” almost. There I sat in my leggings, baggy shirt and mismatched bra and underwear planning out a perfectly matching bra and undie set. It didn’t fit. I do not have my shit together, not just undies, like life, but we’re talking undies here haha. I mean, some people wear matching sets day to day, but I would assume the majority of the population is grabbing what’s clean and easy and comfy in the morning, I wanted to shoot that, I wanted to shoot undone and imperfect. This session is headed in the direction I want to style my work. It’s raw and feminine and powerful and mis-matched. 

Thanks to Stacey for modeling and to Jessica for hair & makeup.

I style all of my sessions based on how you want to be seen, and then you get to play muse while I pose and direct you.  If you think a boudoir session isn’t for you, that’s fine, but if you think you’d love to do it, but don’t feel like you’re worth it, you need it the most.  Send me a message.

Custom Intimate Apparel!

I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with styling wardrobe for shoots.  It’s something that I’m really excited to offer this year with all my sessions: custom intimate apparel.  There are a couple reasons why I wanted to start including this, the main one being that I want you to walk away from your photoshoot thrilled with how your images make you feel, and wardrobe is a big key to it being a success. 

No fail, at the start of every shoot my client will dump a pile of underthings on the bed, pick up a few assorted pieces, toss them around nervously saying “there’s this, and this, and this, I dunno, it’s up to you.”  I remember feeling the exact same way before my shoot, and this should be fucking easy for me because I do it all the time, but because this time I was dressing myself, it became overwhelming.    

The #1 most important thing you can do to make sure your boudoir session is a success, is to bring your confidence.  The second, is to have properly fitting wardrobe, that fits with your vibe.  One of the problems I see is that “what is sexy” is being advertised to us by mass market lingerie chains.  So when women are deciding what to wear to their boudoir session, they are choosing padded push up bras & stringy thongs in black, red, and hot pink.  Nothing against that, I’m just saying there’s more out there.  Let me work with you to find something unique that is authentic to you and how you want to express yourself.  This takes the pressure off you having to find the perfect outfit for your session, and you can focus on getting into the right mindset!

 Maybe the final reason why I want to start offering this errs to the side of selfish, but hear me out.  I want there to be consistency both between all the shoots that I do, as well as a coherency between outfit changes during a single session.  Overall, to you it just means you know what you’re going to get when you come to me.  

Sounds awesome, how does it work?  Well, when you book your session we’ll set up a pre-shoot consult where I’ll dig into what you’re all about, how you want to be seen, and what you’re looking to get out of your boudoir experience.  Once I have an idea of your personal style I’ll get to work finding something to shoot in.  Then on your day you’ll show up beaming with confidence knowing that you’re going to kill it.  

Jumping back to my session, I chose a cliche outfit that doesn’t express who I am.  I spent most of the session second guessing myself which could have been replaced with confidence if I had made a better choice.  I want to make sure that you have an experience with no second guessing.  I want to make smaller lingerie designers available to my clients.  I want to ensure a proper fit. And I want you to walk away stoked with how your images turned out. 

xx Jenna

Vernon Boudoir Session

When C first reached out to me she said she had been thinking about doing a boudoir session forever, but hadn’t been brave enough to go through with it.  This is exactly how I felt before booking a session, it was honestly years that I had been thinking, man I really want to do this.  It’s just fear stopping us. Fear of what? I asked and got a lot of the same answers:

Women are afraid that their bodies are too heavy.  Have you ever heard the saying How to Look Good Naked… Step 1: Take off your clothes Step 2: That’s it.  We’re so afraid that we wont be accepted because of how much we weigh. I’m guilty of it too, but it’s fucking ridiculous.  We live in this body every day, and we should embrace the size that we actually are, not the one that we want to be. 

Women are afraid that the won’t know how to look sexy.  Don’t worry I’ve got this under control.  First I spend a lot of time with you beforehand to establish how you want to be seen, and then during the session I fully direct you to make that happen. Once you relax into the session you’ll forget what’s happening and the images will be naturally and perfectly you. 

Women are afraid that their photos will be all over the internet.  I only share images where my client has previously agreed to have them shared.  If you want to keep them private, that is totally fine with me!  It’s such a vulnerable session that it is YOUR choice as to what happen with the final images. 

I asked C what she would say to some one who did yet feel brave enough to commit to a session, she said “I would absolutely say to do it. To do it for yourself as much (if not more) as for someone else. To put on something you feel comfortable in & trust that the photographer wants the pictures to look as beautiful as you do. Even if you never share them, there’s a power in having done them.”

Here’s some from her session.

xx Jenna

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