Rocky Mountain Road Trip to Full Circle Workshop & Farmer’s Days

This is the intro that I wrote earlier haha: I shouldn’t be writing this right now because I am THEMOSTTIRED; fri-sun I spent more hours driving than sleeping, double actually.  This morning I searched 8 tracks for a playlist that is “Super Ultra Chill” but that’s not a thing, because nobody in the history of the world has ever been tired enough to make something that fits in that genre.

I went on a little road trip to Edmonton to go to a workshop by Ryan + Beth Photographers; despite me sounding like a WLB (whiny little bitch) it was a super refreshing weeking in more ways than one.  Name three awesome things about the weekend:

- The workshop was a perfect plend of overwhelmingly intense, and so chill (

- My best friend realized her lifelong dream of attending approx. 75 minutes at the Stony Plain Farmer’s Days

- The Rock Mountains are so badass and I drove through them when the sun was setting and it was all kinds of cool

Three not so awesome things about the weekend:

- #somuchdriving

- My brain is inundated with information and is currently operatinga t the level of sea sponge (unless sea sponge are really clever and I’m ignorant to that detail)

- I missed my little terror at home

Ryan and Beth are awesome, they laid out all the mistakes the made when starting their business and went into every little detail of what they do well now.  The second day was spent photographing a style wedding with them, which was invaluable.  I would love to share those photos now, but all the images from the day are getting shipped off to the wedding factory to hopefully be published in a blog.  SO you get photos of the mountains taken on my iphone through the window as I was driving.  I actually did pull over and take a couple with my camera :)

I promise that my next blog post will contain actual text and image content, it is a weak promise with fingers crossed, but I AM working on some things that I’m pretty excited about and can’t wait to share once I get some rest and can dish out time accordingly…

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Reanna & Tye’s Forest Wedding

This blog post has been edited from it’s original highly introspective version, and formatted for viewers like you!

I had some anxiety leading up to Tye & Reanna’s wedding.  For one thing, everyone in the bridal party knows their way around a DSLR…  Further, I’ve been sinking a lot of energy into my photography and a lot of nagging questions about my abilities started surfacing, I came to a point where I just had to STFU and trust myself.  I embraced the opportunity to fail, in the pursuit of capturing something real.

Reanna, Tye & co. pulled off a ridiculously gorgeous set up, it was an unreal experience for me having both of them and their families place their trust in me to candidly record this day for them.

Tye and Reanna were both so present the whole day; there didn’t seem to be any nerves, just excitement.  This is one of my favorite images from the day, as they made time in the midst of all the people and emotions to center themselves together, which is really what the whole celebration is about!

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I am coming to terms with the fact that Facebook is a dirty beast that will not be tamed.  What’s that you say Facebook? Only $6 to boost that post so that everyone who already follows my page can see it? Even if I had $6 I would not willingly throw it at you, Facebook, because there are other, more neutral social platforms out there that are way better for visual based media.  Platforms where I post something, and people who follow me get to see it, what.a.concept… #getlostalgorithms 

Wow I am more bitter about this than I thought when I sat down to clickidy clack.  I am not really morally against how facebook keeps track of all your data and then sells it to companies who can target you with their marketing (it sounds so bad), in fact I have even seen ads whilst on facebook, bought whatever the product was, and subsequently achieved happiness; but I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have my own little corner of the internet where I can share work to my 66 rad followers, without paying to do so.

What I want is to offer images and stories that I’m working on, and that are meaningful to me, and hopefully connect with someone who likes what I’m working on, and who wants to work with me.  I have decided that Instagram is the better platform to accomplish that.  I will keep the JMY facebook page open, but the real magic is going to happen on Instagram.  If you’re not on Instagram, you should be, it is the bee’s knees.  I think I will also eventually be posting to Ello @jennamyersphoto, so you could follow me there as well, but right now it’s just a blank slate, so you’d have to be a real keener, also I can’t give Ello a thumbs up or down yet, I just like how they sell the idea.  That’s all I wanted to say!


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