Bike Boudoir Shoot

Liz asked if we could take some boudoir photos of her with her bike.  It’s not something I had tried before, and I didn’t want the photos to turn out looking like the belonged in a car ad, or on a calendar, know what I mean?  But I knew that it would be fun to try, Liz is an awesome rider, which she will not appreciate me saying.  We have been friends for over 10 years and I’m so glad we got to do this together.  It was silly hot the day we did this shoot and of course Liz rode her bike from Kelowna in full gear and said it was like having a hot blow dryer on your face for an hour.  So needless to say she was stoked to wear a little bit less for the shoot.  Let me know what you think.

If you have anything different that you want to try email me now at because I’ll probably be into it! 

52 Week Project: Halfway

At the beginning of 2015 I started a personal photography project as part of a flickr group where you take one photo per week based on a specific theme (I wrote a post about it here).  I was really enjoying it and found it easy to post an image each week up until week 21.  I hit one theme that just blocked me, for no particular reason, and I just couldn’t get anything done.  As each week passed I became more overwhelmed with how I was going to catch up and it just snowballed. BUT I’m jumping back on the train now because:

1. I think that personal projects are a great way to challenge yourself, especially as part of a group where you’re accountable to other people.

2. I know that I’m not getting graded on it, it’s ok that life sometimes gets in the way and it’s nothing to feel guilty about.

If you’re interesting in photography and think you’d like to try a personal project but don’t know where to start, don’t worry there are tons of options (365 days; 52 weeks; 50 for 50 on and on…) just pick something that you find interesting.  I would highly recommend trying a 52 week project because it’s pretty manageable and you’ll get more comfortable with your camera, improve technically, and learn a bit more about your style.  This year has inspired me to start my own project for 2016.  It’s in the works now by it’s more geared to my lifestyle and to what type of album I want to print at the end.  There will be 5 themes with guidelines to follow and basically choose what you want to shoot each week (the group I’m in now you’re locked in to shoot the theme each week and I want more flexibility, this week is long exposure) the ideal being that at the end of the year I can create a very personal album that truly portrays that year in my life.  If you’d be interested in doing the project with me send me an email and I’ll send you a copy of the outline when I finalize it :)  In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite images from the project this year!

Week 22 - A Tourist in Your Own Town

Week 2 - Infrared

Week 23 - Spotlight

Week 13 - Natural Light Portrait

Week 24 - Photocopy

Week 18 - Candid

Week 8 - Bokeh

Week 14 - Eggs & Bunnies

Bridal Inspiration Photoshoot

In April/June I was completely obsessed with putting this inspiration shoot together.  The overall theme is following the bride from newly engaged to the day of the wedding and I wanted to portray something casual, natural, romantic and wild.  I sunk a lot of energy into planning and envisioning and maybe two weeks before the shoot I had a moment of ‘what the fuck am I doing?  Maybe I should just call the whole thing off.’  But I decided to power through it, even if it’s complete crap.  So I went into it putting in my all, and hoping to come out of it with a bit of wisdom.  I initially looked at the images and was dejected that they didn’t turn out how I had expected.  So the images have sat in my lightroom since June nagging at me and it became “a thing” that I needed to get done.  Now that I’ve checked culling and editing off my list, I’m pretty stoked with how it came together and am so grateful to the local vendors who helped me out.  All the flowers are from Hartwood North Farm in Armstrong.  If you’re looking for cut flowers you need to check it out, Wendy was amazing and walked with me and Ellie for a whole hour showing us all the types of flowers, oh and btw all the flowers are certified organic, local, alternative varieties, it just does not get better than that in my book. 

The engagement ring is by Wolf & Sadie.  I met Bramble last year at the Etsy fair (she’s based in Kelowna) and fell in LOVE with the Sisyphus ring (photos below).  The solitaire rock is made from recycled silver and because of the process each ring is one of a kind, they are so badass.  You for sure need to check out her pieces! 

We did the shoot in my home in Vernon, it’s pretty simple and low key, but I’m grateful for the experience.  Let me know what you think! Email if you have anything coming up you’re thinking about working on :)


Model: Liz Blackburn  |  Organic Cut Flowers: Hartwood North Farm  |  Engagement Ring:  Wolf & Sadie

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