Tofino Boudoir Sessions | Vernon Photographer

SHORT VERSION.  We shot.  It was awesome.  Here are the photos.  Email Jenna from JMY Photography to book your boudoir photoshoot. 

LONG VERSION.  These are some of my favorite photographs from the boudoir sessions we did in Tofino last month.  I am so glad we were able to pull this together!!  It was fun, and laid back and I think I messed with any of their preconceived ideas of what boudoir photography is.

Let me set the scene: We relaxed with a few craft beers from the Tofino Brewing Company before (…) and went back to our awesome loft hotel room, put on a playlist and started shooting.  Sammy and Megan sat in on portions of each other’s shoots.  This actually worked great, if you’re considering doing a photoshoot, and have a friend you’re comfortable with, it could help ease some tensions and boost your confidence.  The shoots were super fun and we talked the whole time.  I would recommend a pose, we would talk it over and agree on which to try next, I would show them first (which was probably hilarious), and then I would direct them into the pose.  I was so thrilled to see the girls going through the images on the back of the camera after the shoot and being excited about them.

I’ve been exploring my own idea of what boudoir photography is, and I want to break the cycle of women thinking that they should wear something to a boudoir shoot that they would never actually wear in the bedroom.  I’m realizing that when most people hear “boudoir photography” they think of thin women dressed in expensive lingerie and heels.  My inspiration for this shoot was for the girls to feel sexy and confident as themselves, in their own skin.  I encouraged them to wear literally whatever they were comfortable in and focused on using lighting and posing to highlight their bodies.

Part of the way through Megan’s session she said “you should do a boudoir shoot” as in be the subject.  And I was flooded with fear, and doubt, and insecurities that an hour earlier I was talking the girls out of.  I immediately made up an excuse why I couldn’t, then I thought how silly that sounded and started looking at it from an angle other than that of a photographer.  I realized I should pull together a list of Do’s & Dont’s based on questions I’ve been asked before a shoot, and questions I’m considering myself before booking (eeeekkkk):

  • This is the hardest, and the most corny sounding: Love your own body as it is.
  • Find a photographer who shares your view of what boudoir photography is about, who you feel comfortable being yourself around.
  • Consider when you feel the most confident, comfortable, and sexy…

I’ve honestly written a page more but I will wrap it up there, if you have questions about whether you should do a shoot, or what to wear, or if you’re wondering if the photos will look good in your home, with your old flower blanket on your messy bed (the answer is forsure YES) please get in touch with me, I want to answer your questions, and I’ll send you my list. Email me to get my super awesome list of questions & answers before booking a boudoir photo shoot.

FINALLY.  Give these girls the love they deserve!  Beforehand they both said to me that they would be awkward in front of the camera, and then they both knocked it out of the park and killed it!  I love the photos and am so grateful that they put themselves out there for me. xx

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All images were taken on either the Fuji X100s or the XT10 with the XF 90mm lens, using natural light, with post production in Lightroom using Mastin Labs.

Wedding Photography Bucket List

I love wedding photography more than the 90’s loves crimped hair.  Looking at my portfolio is akin to a mother admiring her new baby and wanting to give the world to that baby.  Likewise, as a wedding photographer I want adventurous and exciting things to happen to my portfolio.  For today, I will focus on the types of wedding photos I want to give life to, which I will henceforth call making photo babies.

Let’s call this my… Wedding Photography Bucket List.

1. A Road Trip Elopement

I want to be the third wheel.  I don’t care if you’re eloping down the street in Vernon, or across the country, I want to join you.  Ok, maybe you should go somewhere further than down the street (let’s just say the more obscure the better) but I want to join regardless!  I’m picturing something straight out of a Hunter S. Thompson article. I know how a third wheel works, it all comes to an end at some point, you can decide to have me join you right up to the doorstep of your honeymoon cottage, or drop me off at The Scariest Village Motel along the road for all I care - just invite me, I have great taste in music.  Imagine an adventurous scrapbooky photo album that the children you’ll be making on this trip will be stoked about.  I can literally hear them telling their friends how cool their parents are.

2. A Mountain Resort Wedding (In The Winter)

Yes, I am talking about a “snowboarding, skiing, and falling-on-our-asses-but-it-isn’t-embarrassing-for-some-reason” wedding.  

Sidenote: You don’t need to strap in to tie the knot, but you can if that’s your jam. Imagine heading up the gondy instead of treacherously walking down the aisle, affordably creating your own snow angels to witness your holy matrimony, and, after your first kiss effortless gliding down the slopes with your new spouse, holy tangent #claimit. 

But for real, a winter mountain wedding would be so badass, the best part being that I’m there to capture all your moments so that they never melt away, and then let the apres ski begin!

3. A Pub Reception 

If you can’t tell, on a scale of basic to hipster, I fall in the range of alternative.  If A Basic has a reception at a beautiful venue, and A Hipster has a reception in an abandoned warehouse (which also sounds rad: give-me-a-call) then An Alternative should have a wedding at a pub.  And no, I did not just call a traditional wedding basic, I just think a little mix up is fun for all; don’t put words into my mouth.  But feel free to put pub food and drinks into it.  All three venue styles have their perks, but pubs are the best, because shit goes down in them.  Dramatic lighting, great atmosphere, all your guests will party like it’s 1999.  Bonus points if you put a live band into that pub.

The best part?

If you can manage to do all three, I will basically shoot your wedding for free, or more realistically, a really ridiculously menial fee that would make lots of other wedding photographers angry.  So check your weather app, jump in your car and drive to the nearest resort where it’s dumping, we’ll have a shred, you can elope with your best friend, and plan a celebratory stop at the next pub.  And for the love of God, please don’t make that stop at The Scariest Village Motel. 

You can invite me by phone (250) 463-3400 or email ( ).  I’ll go pack my bags and wait for your call!  Let’s make photo babies.





so, putting a website together has proven to be a somewhat overwhelming venture.  I’ll give format credit that they are super user friendly, the overwhelming bit is figuring out what to put out there, how to portray myself in web form, it’s the weirdest thing.  There is so much information out there saying “you must do this”, or “absolutely never do that”.  After every podcast I listen to, or article I read I note down what I need to add to my page to make it a legit photography business site, and the list included: testimonials; services; frequently asked questions; about me; for clients; for vendors; published by; giving back… that’s on top of what’s already there, slowwwwwww down the Serious Train, i’ve gone off the rails.  I’ve since realized that I started up the web page to have a place to showcase work that I enjoy to anyone that was interested, NOT to be a pop up wedding & portrait photography business.  REALIGN. 

I’m trying to deliberately, gradually, leisurely, slowly, unhurriedly grow a business as a photographer based on my own strengths and curiosities, not based on what everyone else is doing.  Photography, as a medium, is obviously just visual, and I wanted to offer more literal information about what makes me tick, so I started to write an About Me page, but each time it came out really awful.  I still want something SO I’ve now added a Philosophy page which pretty much lays it all out there what I want to do and why.  Check it out, let me know what you think and if you know anyone looking for something like it send ‘em my way!

So many thanks xx


flowery images below were taken on Kodak Portra 400 and scanned by FINDlab

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