Bre-Anna - Vernon Boudoir Photography

This is the second shoot I’ve done with Bre.  I really relate to her, we both juggle being parents & partners & working, and we both struggle with body image/ worthiness issues.

“Jenna made me comfortable, even though I was so uncomfortable in my own skin.  All that melted away when I was in her presence, she made me feel like I was worth shooting.”  This is 100% why I shoot boudoir.  It’s a terrifying thing to trust a stranger to take intimate photos of you.  I didn’t do it for the longest time because I didn’t think I was worth it, I felt like my body type would make the photographer uncomfortable, I felt like the images wouldn’t be ones the photographer wanted use.  I relate to not feeling worth it so hard.  I want to meet all the people who don’t feel worth it and I want to show them that they are.  

I was recovering from a concussion when we shot.  I could shoot, but I couldn’t have any screen time, so editing was put off until several months later.  The first time I shot Bre she was terrified waiting for her images, I asked her what it was like waiting for the images the second time around.  “Surprisingly I was 10 times more nervous, I dreaded seeing them.  I was not happy with my body and felt the photos from our shoot would make me more unhappy, I was thankful for how long the second wait was.  When I got them I waited three hours to open them in private.  Once I opened them I was stunned, and cried, they were beautiful and I enjoyed the look of my body and how powerful they felt.  I have shared both shoots as it made me feel empowered to share them.  I was so thankful that Jenna saw me in a way that I couldn’t see myself.  I see I am beautiful no matter what size I wear, what colour my hair is, if I’m having a good or bad day. I deserve to feel beautiful, even on shitty days.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.  You have this engergy and realness that makes the experience amazing.  You know what you’re doing and truthfully you’re the only person I trust to get buck naked with and take photos.”

Bre, thanks so much for your kind words, and for being so honest about your expereince. 

xx Jenna

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