Cassidy - Body Positivity

Cass was one of my first clients after I decided to only focus on boudoir photography. I liked her instantly because she chose not to wear makeup, because she doesn’t wear it in her daily life. She has always seemed to me, to be very openly confident about her body. This was our third shoot, and just as we started shooting she mentioned that she’s more comfortable with her body now than ever before. I asked her to describe her experience with me, and to talk about how she taught herself to get to the point of body positivity. It’s something that A TON of women, myself included, can related to.  I 100% relate to her when she describes being “the [insert your word here] one”. So I think there’s a lot to learn from Cass sharing her thoughts. Thank you Cassidy for being so open.

“Shooting with you is so amazing! I enjoy every second of the laughs, the inspired silence, the chill music, and great conversations. Now that I’ve done a couple shoots with you, I don’t even notice the camera. I love how casual and comfortable you make it feel! All in all, I genuinely love the entire experience and I think its safe to say I’m addicted to doing boudoir shoots!

This time, unlike my other solo shoot, I was more confident about myself and knew what to expect… and of course the pictures still amazed me. I looked at every single one and was thrilled. They just simply made me smile. It makes me happy that I’m at a point where I can just feel good about the way I look and not feel guilty for loving myself.

I’m sure like many others, I’ve been on a roller coaster with my confidence. A couple years back, deep within myself, I wasn’t as body-positive to myself as I projected to others. I saw beauty in so many other women that were self-conscious, I could sympathize with them, but always made sure to remind them how gorgeous they were. Personally, I felt compliments were wasted on me, it’s not that I was worried about my weight or how I specifically looked, I was just labelled as the funny one, the reliable one, or the tall one. One day I hit a turning point when I was directly criticized about my looks, and it actually made me sad. Shortly after that I remembered something I had been saying to others. “Who cares what other people think? Are you happy being you? If not, do what you need to do to make yourself happy!” Slowly my confidence has been building, and has only increased since that moment. Now I still have moments where I don’t always love how I look, but I always try to push the negative thoughts aside and remember that anything from scars to freckles, and laugh lines to tan lines, you need to love yourself and just be proud of the story your body tells.”

Call For Entries

I am looking to work with several women for an upcoming personal project. It is not boudoir related, but more documentary. The project will consist of several portraits of the subjects in their home for the duration of one year. My only requirements are that you are over the age of 20 and live in or around Vernon. If you’re interested in working with me on the project, or to find out more information please apply here.

Bre-Anna - Vernon Boudoir Photography

This is the second shoot I’ve done with Bre.  I really relate to her, we both juggle being parents & partners & working, and we both struggle with body image/ worthiness issues.

“Jenna made me comfortable, even though I was so uncomfortable in my own skin.  All that melted away when I was in her presence, she made me feel like I was worth shooting.”  This is 100% why I shoot boudoir.  It’s a terrifying thing to trust a stranger to take intimate photos of you.  I didn’t do it for the longest time because I didn’t think I was worth it, I felt like my body type would make the photographer uncomfortable, I felt like the images wouldn’t be ones the photographer wanted use.  I relate to not feeling worth it so hard.  I want to meet all the people who don’t feel worth it and I want to show them that they are.  

I was recovering from a concussion when we shot.  I could shoot, but I couldn’t have any screen time, so editing was put off until several months later.  The first time I shot Bre she was terrified waiting for her images, I asked her what it was like waiting for the images the second time around.  “Surprisingly I was 10 times more nervous, I dreaded seeing them.  I was not happy with my body and felt the photos from our shoot would make me more unhappy, I was thankful for how long the second wait was.  When I got them I waited three hours to open them in private.  Once I opened them I was stunned, and cried, they were beautiful and I enjoyed the look of my body and how powerful they felt.  I have shared both shoots as it made me feel empowered to share them.  I was so thankful that Jenna saw me in a way that I couldn’t see myself.  I see I am beautiful no matter what size I wear, what colour my hair is, if I’m having a good or bad day. I deserve to feel beautiful, even on shitty days.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.  You have this engergy and realness that makes the experience amazing.  You know what you’re doing and truthfully you’re the only person I trust to get buck naked with and take photos.”

Bre, thanks so much for your kind words, and for being so honest about your expereince. 

xx Jenna

Julie - Vernon BC Boudoir Photography

I got to meet Julie earlier this year.  I loved shooting her, it felt easy, effortless.  She had had professional portraits done before, but never boudoir photography.  How she described her experience made me tear up.  It’s hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to have the opportunity to shoot these women, and to have them be so open about what it means to them.  This is why I shoot boudoir. 

“I was SO nervous before the shoot!  Typical insecurities about my naked body, and being in front of a stranger only intensified that.  I had the idea in my head that I was going to really clean up my diet and get into better shape before the shoot to look my “best”.  But, let’s be real, it was Christmas, it was a wicked cold winter and all I wanted to do was bundle up on the couch with my fave snacks and keep warm.  So needless to say my body wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be when my time to work with Jenna came around, and my anxiety was through the roof.”

“I had a little 5 second freak out in the bathroom while I was undressing, my inner critic tearing me apart at the last minute.  And then as soon as I stepped out of the door, all of that just melted away.  Jenna was SO calm and cool and easy going, she put on some fun music and really got into it with me!  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and she did an amazing job of directing every little detail, right down to what direction to point my toes or place my fingers.  It was so freeing.  Yes, I was stripped down in front of a complete stranger and bending over into all different positions, but it was not weird at all.  No judgement.  No shame.  Just a hell of a lot of female empowerment going on in that room!”

“I was on a hike with my dog when I got my gallery, and I literally just sat down and cried, I didn’t even recognize myself. I think because I had never been kind enough to myself to look at my features with positivity and compassion.  I’ve struggled with eating disorders and body image throughout my adolescence, and recovery is a lifelong journey.  Jenna allowed me to see my body through someone else’s perspective, and that has been one of the most healing gifts I’ve ever received.  I’m so proud of my body!  I still show the images to anyone and everyone I can. ”

If you’re ready to book your session, shoot me an email or give me a call 250-550-7288. 
xx Jenna 

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