About Me

This is what I want you to know about me, and about the intimate portraits I want to make for you...

That you are beautiful.  That you are worth this moment, that look.  Of you.  Just you.  With your freckles and scars and stories.  The light, falling in just the right place on your skin.  That hair, slipping out of place.

That I know what it's like.  To feel not enough.  Smart enough.  Pretty enough.  Sexy enough.  You are enough.  You are enough.

You, with your regrets and your triumphs, the skin you've held up all these years.  Your body's memories of being kissed.  There.  And there.  And there.  The woman you've become.  The woman you'll be.

That I have a daughter and I want her to grow up knowing all bodies are different, special, perfect.  And I want her to see that women should feel proud to embrace their sexual expression.

That an intimate photography session is a big deal.  I know.  You're taking time and money you've worked hard for.  Undressing.  Trusting me to capture you.  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and brave.

That I've worked my ass off to learn the ins and outs of boudoir photography, and I've chosen to specialize in it alone.  That it's my art, my life.  I'm always thinking , about poses and styling and ways to express you as your most real and stunning self.  No two shoots are ever the same. 

That there's a moment that gives me chills each time.  It's the second when your bones forget that you're trying, that I'm in the room.  And they let go.  The say, Go ahead.  This is you, right now, and you'll never be this... you... again.

That you'll always be thankful you took this chance.  That you'll always have this breathtaking reminder of your beauty and that badass day when you took off your clothes and let the camera take over. 

Located in Vernon, BC, Canada

email: [email protected]

phone: (250) 550-7288

instagram: @jennamyersphoto

facebook: JMY Photography

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