Best of 2017 Boudoir

Family and friends have come and gone, the only thing left separating me from going back to work is NYE.  Recovering from a concussion has made this one of the most sober holidays in recent memory.. and it’s also given me a head start in reflecting on this past year. 

My goals for 2017 included focusing on the authenticity of my work.  Favouring intrinsic rewards over extrinsic success and recognition.  These images have been selected as ones that I feel are progressing towards those goals.  They’re images that I love, and that I’m proud of. 

I feel slightly dispirited thinking about 2017, but there’s nothing glaring-ly obvious as to why it’s sitting that way in my mind.  The JMY business didn’t land where I had expected it to at this time last year.  In part because I was focusing on other things: family relationships, and our new house and renovation.  But also because I’ve had a shift in mindset.  The idea of “quitting my day job” is something I was once enthralled by.  It’s something that an entire industry has been created around: helping new photographers go pro.  I’ve realized that the business of photography drains me, and leaves me with nothing to give to my family.  But I love creating images for clients.  Recognizing this, I’ve laid the ground work in the past 6 months to distance myself and JMY from this idea, and return to something simpler.  

I’ve got some huge personal endeavours lined up for 2018, and no doubt JMY has a place in there.  My focus will be working with a smaller number of clients, to whom a boudoir session is a big deal for.  And a second focus will be creating printed images and not just files sitting on a computer awaiting obsolescence. 

Thanks for reading through the mucky stuff, now on to the photos!  Happy New Year everyone!!

Vernon Boudoir Photography

We started shooting at about 10 in the morning and I joked that I had somewhere to be at 2.  Fast-forward to me racing out the door 4 hours later. This was my 4th time shooting with Lianne, and it shows! She’s so comfortable in front of the camera and so trusting of my direction that it’s effortless.  I love these images that came out of this session so much that it’s inspired a new project that I’m planning to launch next week. #staytuned Enjoy the set!

Model: Lianne Viau
Tank top: Second Base
Body Chain: BRIWOK

Natalie in Vernon

A big reason that lots of women feel they “can’t” do a boudoir session is because their body has changed after having a baby.  I’m not shitting on women who do improve they’re fitness having a baby, that’s fucking awesome.  What I’m shitting on is the social pressure moms are put under to look a certain way.   To “lose the baby weight” or to “get your pre-baby bod” back.  The experience of being a new mom is overwhelming in itself, then the added stress of feeling like you need to be in the best shape of your life while doing it is just cruel. Bodies change, especially after childbirth.  Having a certain size or shape of body is not essential to being a good mom or to being a woman, for that matter.  We as a culture, need to realize this, and to help women feel more comfortable appreciating and accepting their bodies.  This is what Natalie said about her session:  

“I did a scary thing. And I’m so glad I did. I was terrified. I didn’t like the way my body looked; I had a young toddler, an emergency c-section past my due date, and suffering from postpartum depression hadn’t done by body any favors. While I had once weighed more, my Mom bod had relocated some squishiness to places it hadn’t been before. I decided to take the plunge anyways so that I could work on my self love. My hair and makeup were done and I trekked over to Vernon to meet Jenna, who instantly put me at ease. Looking at that collection of photos, you’d never know that we laughed most of the way through the shoot. I love the photos, and it taught me that EVERY body is worthy of wholehearted LOVE, even if you haven’t attained some lofty goal or image in your head. If you don’t love yourself the way you are, exactly at this moment in time, you’ll spend a lot of your life being really miserable. Those dimpled legs carry me up mountains, those soft arms hold my baby tight, and the whole squishy combination is capable and tough enough to help deliver babies.

Thank you, Jenna, for helping to remind me of that. xx”

Thank you, Natalie, for doing this even though you were afraid. 

Beautiful hair & makeup by Jessica Langedyk.

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